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I am Bogdan Gavriliu, the founder and principal architect of Atelier Gavriliu SRL architecture design office. Together, we turn visions into lasting realities, building harmonious architectural ensembles that highlight the beauty of their surroundings.

Sustainability as a Design Principle

We are advocates of sustainable and eco-conscious design, aiming to safeguard and enhance our natural surroundings. Our designs contribute to a healthier environment and pave the way for a greener future.

Visions Find Their Technical Solutions

At Atelier Gavriliu we create captivating experiences, not just buildings. We turn your vision into reality, through meticulous project planning and flawless execution. Every aspect is carefully considered, from initial concept design to efficient project management and execution.

Dedication to Positive Impact

Every project is a chance to create meaningful impact. We are committed to leveraging our architectural expertise not only in designing remarkable buildings but also in uplifting the communities we engage with, fostering positive change every step of the way.

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Discover our previous projects and ignite your own creative vision. Reach out to us at Atelier Gavriliu SRL, where every project tells a tale of sustainability, optimism and a future we're proud to build together.

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Services Offered by Atelier Gavriliu

1. Architecture Design

We specialize in crafting innovative architectural designs tailored to various building types, from residential and commercial to hospitality and institutional spaces.

2. Sustainable Design Solutions

We provide specialized eco-friendly and sustainable design solutions that seamlessly integrate energy-efficient technologies, sustainable materials and innovative systems.

3. Permit to Execution Documentation

We develop comprehensive technical documentation for construction authorization and execution, encompassing detailed drawings, specifications and necessary documents for all project phases.

4. Project Management

We handle project planning and management, overseeing schedules, budgets and resources, to ensure seamless progress from concept to project completion.

5. Interior Design

We create interior spaces that are both visually appealing and functional, harmonizing with the overarching architectural vision.

6. Renovation and Adaptive Reuse

We transform existing buildings through renovation and adaptive reuse, optimizing space and functionality while preserving their historical or cultural significance.

7. Architectural Visualization

We specialize in creating both conceptual and realistic 3D visualizations, offering clients a clear vision of the final outcome of our design solutions.

8. Model Making

We meticulously craft physical scale models for our projects, ensuring that our design solutions are precisely tailored to meet our clients' needs and expectations.

9. Consulting Services

We provide expert advice on architectural and design-related matters, including assistance in obtaining fire safety permits, helping our clients make informed decisions.

10. Collaboration and Partnerships

We foster collaborations with a range of professionals, including engineers, contractors, and landscape architects, to provide our clients with comprehensive and holistic design solutions.

11. Community Engagement

We engage with local communities and stakeholders to ensure designs align with the needs and preferences of the individuals who will inhabit or interact with the spaces we design.

12. Technology Integration

We integrate cutting-edge technology into designs, incorporating smart home solutions, automation, and other innovations to elevate the functionality and efficiency of buildings to the next level.

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House on a Hill

Typology : Single Family HomeConcept : Contemporary residence featuring a ground floor and a partial basement with an integrated garage. The expansive windows on the ground floor extend from floor to ceiling, providing seamless access to a surrounding terrace that boasts panoramic vistas of the natural landscape. Industrial-style ceilings, showcasing exposed concrete, add a modern touch to the interior ambiance. The house is equipped with a range of eco-friendly amenities, such as solar panels integrated onto the roof structure.

House by the Beach

Typology : Family Vacation HomeConcept : Seasonal coastal retreat featuring cutting-edge amenities and a flexible design. The exterior side walls seamlessly fold, doubling as both a floor extension and a shading system for the expansive outdoor terrace. Floor-to-ceiling windows establish a perfect connection between indoor living and the breathtaking natural surroundings. This residence incorporates an array of eco-friendly technologies, such as integrated solar panels on the rooftop, ensuring sustainability without compromising style or comfort.

House Between the Pines

Typology : Family Vacation LodgeConcept : Rustic mountain lodge featuring two juxtaposed main volumes, highlighted by expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that capture stunning panoramic views. The exterior boasts dark-toned wood paneling, while the interior exudes warmth with light-toned paneling. The gabled roofs adorned with moss enhance the natural and rustic allure of this retreat, harmonizing seamlessly with its picturesque surroundings.

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Lounge Design

Typology : Hospitality and Relaxation SpaceConcept : The modern hotel's lounge area enchants with its expansive windows, neutral color palette and elegant wooden touches. The interior design, featuring diverse styles and lush greenery, combined with warm lighting, cultivates a serene and inviting ambiance, perfect for a delightful stay.

Study : Central Park Restaurant

Typology : Mixed-Use Pavilion - Event Hall, Cafe and RestaurantConcept : Lakeside restaurant, boasting a sleek white concrete façade and organic-inspired aesthetics, nestled along the tranquil shores of a picturesque lake, enveloped by nature's embrace. Inside, panoramic views of the lake create a serene dining ambiance, complemented by contemporary design elements and fluid architectural lines, ensuring a warm and inviting culinary journey like no other.

Bogdan Gavriliu © 2024. All rights are reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced without permission.

Modular House, Dubai UAE

Typology : Design Competition - Single-Family Multigenerational HousingConcept : Our proposal, "Adaptable Nomadic Tectonics (ANT) Construction System", harmonizes traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology to create a sustainable living solution tailored for the United Arab Emirates' climate. This innovative concept seamlessly integrates mobility and cultural heritage, ensuring adaptability across diverse landscapes while maintaining optimal comfort. Emphasizing demountable structures and recyclable prefabricated modules, we utilize advanced sandwich panels for superior thermal performance, energy efficiency, and lasting durability. Our structural design embodies simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and stability, reflecting our dedication to progressive innovation in architecture design.

Elderly Home, Barreira Portugal

Typology : Design Competition - Care Center for the ElderlyConcept : Our project embodies a sustainable living environment tailored to the specific needs of the elderly. The building uses compacted earth for load-bearing walls, reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring thermal inertia. With 20 single rooms and 21 double rooms across five levels, the care center accommodates at least 60 residents. Our design includes a double staircase and two elevators for easy access, catering to individuals with reduced mobility. Common areas such as the dining room, meeting room, chapel, and library are strategically designed to foster resident interaction and well-being. The integration of gardens, solar panels, and a natural cooling and ventilation system further enhances resident comfort and contributes to the building's overall sustainability.

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Study : Possibile Communities 2077

Typology : Sustainable Urban DevelopmentConcept : Envisioning the potential evolution of human communities in a hopeful future, where humanity has triumphed over all adversities and crises. Our future settlements may resemble oases, featuring interconnected organic structures that provide residents with breathtaking views of their natural surroundings.

Study : Modern Chalets

Typology : Vacation HomeConcept : The contemporary cabin is distinguished by its sleek exterior curtain walls and stylish black metal accents. Inside, the expansive living room boasts breathtaking views through floor-to-ceiling windows, seamlessly blending the lush natural surroundings with modern decor elements.

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Email: [email protected]. Phone No. +40 742 069 215

While our roots lie in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Atelier Gavriliu SRL extends its creative reach globally, ready to showcase our expertise in any part of the world. Our adaptability enables us to tailor our projects to the distinct characteristics of each region, seamlessly integrating with the cultural and environmental context. Feel free to leave us a message below, and we'll promptly respond to your inquiry.

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